A quinceañera in Paris (??)

I was lucky enough to be walking through the Tuilleries on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in April when I happened upon a scene I can only guess was the photo shoot for this girl’s quinceañera.

It wasn’t a big enough production to be a commercial advertisement of some kind, but a bigger deal than just your average photo.
Are you familiar with the quinceañera?

A quinceañera (also fiesta de quinceañera, quince años, fiesta de quince años and quinces) is a celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday. It has cultural roots in Mexico and Southern Europe and is widely celebrated by girls throughout Latin America. The girl celebrating her 15th birthday is a quinceañera (Spanish pronunciation: [kinseaˈɲeɾa]; feminine form of “15-year-old”). In Spanish, and in Latin countries, the term quinceañera is reserved solely for the honoree; in English, primarily in the United States, the term is used to refer to the celebrations and honors surrounding the occasion.

The young woman in pink didn’t seem to be a professional model, so that’s another reason I’m guessing it was a quinceañera photo.

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