The Luxembourg Gardens in Paris

One of the prettiest places on earth has got to be the Luxembourg Gardens. It is my favorite place in all of Paris, and that’s saying something.

Not all of my pictures of it are great and that’s because it is vast and my camera is small.

From the Luxembourg, you have vistas that are jaw dropping, such as this view of the Pantheon:

But, as always, my favorite views are close ups, or at least near ups, such as this scene of the Delacroix fountain:

The flora is of course outstanding, as it was when I was last there in April. Look at these spritely tulips rising to suck up as much Parisian sunlight as flowerly possible. Oh, I can almost here the photosynthesis at work!

And the blooming trees and shrubs in le printemps! Oh la la!

And how about the way the French have of taking any blank wall and making something pretty and interesting out of it with a few pieces of slender wood.

A formerly blank wall becomes something c’est magnifique, non?!

I like to stop and read the signs and learn something new:

And I like to watch the gardeners working at keeping this magnificent place in order!

But, above all, I like to watch the children and their sailboats in the basin. I’ll be writing a separate post about this enchanting endeavor. Watch this space, s’il vous plaît.

And, in a category all its own because it is almost too wonderful for this life is the Medici Fountain. Do I love it for its beauty or because it was created by an amazing Italian woman? I may never know. Surveillez get endroit for more on this heavenly ensemble.

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