2nd day impressions of Naples

March 1, 2022. Rabbit, rabbit. I’m in Naples! I’m already enjoying good fortune!

Tomorrow I’ll take the ferry from Naples to Capri. Just locating the exit point: Molo (wharf) Beverello. My hotel is ideally situated between the wharves and a metro stop (Universita).

Above, looking in a bookstore window, there are lots and lots and lots of books written about Naples!

Random sign explains major archeological points of interest in this incredible area!

The putti above are so evocative of Naples. In Florence you find representations of young putti, well-formed and in shape and busy being productive. In Naples, it would seem, they are seed and relaxed!!

See Mt. Vesuvius, the only active volcano in Europe, lurking?

The photo above is the exterior of the Galleria Umberto I and the San Carlo theater is housed in the brown brick building to the left. I’ll be posting on both of those locales soon.

I soon found my way onto Via Toledo, which is much more upscale than the shopping streets I was on yesterday. Here the shops are much tonier!

Below: a sweet children’s clothing store called “milk and kisses”

I love the clothes in the Antica Sartoria (the old dressmaker). It’s a chain, there’s one in Florence.

I saw and felt this woman coming down the street and I tried to surreptitiously take her photo, but her eyes show you she’s on to me. Wow! What an outfit!

Next, I ducked into a modest church in this part of town, the Parrish of St. Mary of the Mercede. It’s history is outlined in a sign at the front entrance:

The interior is pretty splendid:

The ceiling fresco is impressive!

The high altar pays homage to Mary of Mercede:

One of the many side chapels has an interesting image of ? Mary? There were several similar 2 d images of a head shot and all of them were decorated with sparkling jewel-like things. The sparkles caught my eye.

Like San Francisco, Naples is built on hills. There are many flyovers like this one:

Love the heraldic angels in public architecture!

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