A Neapolitan miscellany

Yowza! What views!

You can understand why Goethe exclaimed “see Naples and die” when he first visited in 1786. It is spectacular! The architects who’ve designed the city over the centuries also made good use of the spectacular vistas!

That’s Mt. Vesuvius in the background!

Wait a minute! What’s this I see? Tennis anyone? Right on the Bay of Naples and the marina!

And, be it ever so humble, this is the view from my place called home in Naples. I’m ideally situated between the wharves and the university district with a metro stop.

I visited Naples in early March, but flowers were in abundance. There were banks of blooming rosemary!

And, speaking of flora: growing up my parents had a rubber tree plant in our house. I remember it clearly because there was a popular Frank Sinatra song at the time about “High hopes” and an ant moving a rubber tree plant. The plant, Frank and the idea of high hopes inspired me!

But, check out the same plant growing in Naples!

There were all the usual Christian tabernacles on every street, in every Borgo. Maybe the ones in Naples have a special flavor…I’m still studying!

And you can never forget you are in Naples: it’s crusty as this post office drop box illustrates!

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