Boating around Capri & the faraglioni, Part 2

The faraglioni are stacks of a coastal and oceanic rock formation eroded by waves. The word may be derived from the Greek pháros or Latin pharus (“lighthouse”) and is cognate with the Spanish farallón.

In the Campania region of Italy there are three famous faraglioni in the Bay of Naples, off the island of Capri.

Part of the Campanian Archipelago, they are named, of course!
Stella, connected to the island, 109 metres (358 ft).
Mezzo, 82 metres (269 ft).
Scopolo (or Fuori), 106 metres (348 ft). The blue lizard lucertola azzurra (Podarcis siculus coeruleus) is endemic to this faraglione.

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