True confessions

I recently had some troubles with my laptop which necessitated a visit to the Apple Store. I will do just about anything to avoid going there. I’d rather go to the dentist.

But I went and got my issues resolved and, while there, signed up for a bunch of classes on all my devices. I’ve attended 2 so far.

The first class I went to was about taking photos on the iPhone. I do this every day of the week, every week of the month… I take a lot of pictures on my phone and I think, if I do say so myself, that I get some pretty outstanding shots.

However, I’ve never understood certain things about my photos on iPhone or the app. And, doggone it, the class cleared up those questions! Who’d a thunk it!

Live Photos. What are they? Why do I get them sometimes accidentally and other times I don’t. This was one of my questions. I learned the answers and also found out that the 3000+ Live Photos I’ve been storing on my devices and in the cloud was taking up a lot more space than my non-live photos. The Apple people recommended I save my Live Photos as regular photos, delete the original Live Photo, and save space while still having the image.

So, that’s what I’ve been spending a lot of time doing this month. It’s time-consuming, but I feel its necessary.

And, guess what! By so doing the above, I’m coming across a lot of photos I intended to post here but never did because it was the final months of 2019, pre-Covid, and I was traveling around Italy a lot and taking a ton of photos (some of them inadvertently Live), and never did anything with them. Even when Covid hit and I was locked in my apartment in Florence and bored. I shoulda done this then. Hindsight.

So, I’m going to be writing many posts over the next few weeks having to do with sights I’ve seen in Italy and France over the past few years. I hope you enjoy looking at them. I enjoyed living them, even if I am doing a lot of administrative work now to get them sorted!

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