French tea to drink and music to sip it by

I love coffee, I love tea. I love (fill in the blank) and he loves me.

We used to sing this chant in elementary school.

When I grew up, it turns out I love tea more than coffee and drink it everyday. But, Fill in the blank still loves me, I hope!

Last time I was in Paris, I treated myself to a package of Blue Valentine tea by Mariages Freres, said to be among the finest of French tea producers. The company has been at it since 1854. They surely must know their teas by now.

I’m still working on my video making skills. They are progressing slowly. I made the video below today and set it to music from these two sources.

I hope you like it!

The blue hyacinth was given to me by a friend this week. It goes well with the blue tea!

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