Moving to Tokyo

Not me, but my friend Shiketsu Kou. I met this young Chinese man in language school in Florence, Italy. We immediately hit it off and became good friends. We’ve maintained our now long-distance friendship for over 6 years.

Rudy, which is his nickname, has been studying in Okayama Station, Japan for some time now and has been wanting to move to Tokyo and continue his studies. He was recently accepted in a school near Tokyo and just moved by train, while shipping his belongings in boxes through the postal system. Here is the envelope in which his acceptance was sent to him. He and I both think it is handsome, with a lovely stamp!

I’m eagerly follow his progress. It’s a big move to go near Tokyo, but Rudy is an ambitious young man who is absorbing Japanese language like a sponge.

I thought you might be interested in following his life as well, as he starts a new chapter near Tokyo. The following pictures show his move from Okayama to near Tokyo and setting up in his new student apartment.

Rudy found a new companion on the train ride! Ha ha.

The train ride.

First look at his apartment. A Japanese friend in Okayama helped Rudy find this place and he rented it sight unseen. He is very happy with it.

His sleeping quarters are in the attic space over the hallway. Below is a detail.

His new place has all the amenities as 20 something man needs for the student/bachelor life. He was particularly pleased with his high functioning toilet!

His building and a place to park a future bike.

Below, his kitchen area.

Below, the Japanese postal system delivered his boxes right on schedule, on the first day of his life here. He arrived late the night before and camped out until his things arrived.

After his boxes arrived, Rudy set out to find supplies, restaurants, and begin to explore his neighborhood.

Probably explaining why Rudy and I initially hit it off and became fast friends: he notices the beauty around him. He happens to know how much I love camellia plants!

Actually, I decided the magnolia tree needs its own large spot!

Finding delicious food!

I’ll be posting more as Rudy settles in. I hope to visit him in time for next year’s cherry blossom season. Good luck, Rudy! I’m rooting for you!

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