Is it too late to discuss New Year’s?


A few years ago, when I was living in Seattle, I frequented a Japanese import store and purchased these small but lovely decorations. I assumed the 2 round objects represented wreaths, but the other taller item, I had no idea. I suspected it had something to do with the winter holidays.

But Rudy, my Chinese friend in Japan, enlightened me! The bamboo rods are often combined with foliage from pine trees, for in ancient times, the Japanese believed that god dwelled in evergreens, see below.

Above is my kadomatsu and below are my two wreaths with it.

[Today’s Japanese word “Kadomatsu”]

Continued below:

Rudy sent me the following photos of Kadomatsu in his Japanese city.

Now you know. Live and learn! Happy New Year’s!

Really getting real

It’s snowing here again today. My first winter in the USA in 9 years and, I’ll admit it. UNCLE! It’s killing me!

The local news says this is the biggest January snowstorm since 1992!

So it’s a great day to sit in my cosy bed and read!

This poor Robin is dining on the crabapples on my little weeping tree. He must have missed the migration pattern south! Welcome! Eat up!

Bridge lessons have begun!

Somerset Maugham said that bridge is “the most entertaining game that the art of man has ever devised.” Wow.

Today, contract bridge, said to be an offspring of whist, is considered to be an intellectual pastime played by the masses.

I feel solid in my mahjongg game, so I’m moving on to bridge! Wish me luck! My mother and her friends tried to teach me to play during the summer of 1988 and I remember loving it, but also that it was very, very complicated. I haven’t played since.