After the deluge

We had record rain last week and it persisted over 3 days. It was a wet, soggy world when I ventured out for a many mile walk. The sun was trying to shine, but it was a struggle.

The picture above tells the 6 pm story at the tail end of a brief rainy season. We aren’t used to such prolonged and heavy rain events in Denver, where the climate is semi-arid.

How I do love lilacs above all spring blossoms. The scent transports me right back to childhood, when I remember first noticing these magnificent shrubs and their intoxicating perfume!

I made doll purses from the lilac leaves. They were just the right shape!

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A request to my dear readers

Hi guys! I’ve been writing this blog as a way to record interesting aspects of my life for many years now and am fortunate to have you as a reader. However, I have a request.

For all sorts of reasons that have become apparent to me in this age of social media, I need a response to the content I put out. I can no longer send my thoughts and images into the ether without a small mention from you that you have read it.

So, would you please click the “like” button after reading every post if, of course you liked the post and will be coming back to read another post on another day. If you do that, which I hope you will, will you be so kind as to “like” the following post also? I will need you to do this indefinitely and I am sure that most of you are well accustomed to “liking” various posts on Facebook, Instagram, etc. If it were more arduous on your part than clicking a button, I wouldn’t feel comfortable making this request. But, it seems simple enough.

So, please like this and every post you read. If you don’t do that, I must assume you didn’t like the post.

OK? Deal?

Thanks! I appreciate it!

Until next post, have a great day. The flowers above look like rosebuds, but they are crabapple blossoms! Amazing, right?!