E 3

While I am certain everybody knows that “e” is the 5th letter of the Latin alphabet, and that it is also a vowel,

E 9

I betcha didn’t know that “e” is the most commonly used letter in many languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, and Dutch, to name a few.

E 2

Above is an E such as you might find in an illustrated manuscript.  It’s complex.

Let us relax our minds by gazing at a simple little “e”

Letter E

Ah. So soothing.

Just as with people, there are all kinds of “e”s in the world.  The world of E is as big as humankind’s collective imagination.  For example, there are “e”s for gardeners:

e 6

There are “e”s for animal lovers:


There are “e”s for complicated minds:

graphic e

There are “e”s for people who see things in patterns:

graphic 3

But, here is the best part of all!   You cannot buy an “e”.

buy an e

But only because they are freeeeeeeeeee!

E 5

Here, I’ll give you one of mine:

L a u r E 7 t t a

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