This is India 2

I mentioned in my post on Andy Warhol that I am a very skilled stalker.


Well, in case you don’t believe me, let me show you some proof.

So, I’m in India, admiring an incredibly beautiful, incredibly important architectural monument.  Only this lovely Indian couple captures my eye.  Suddenly, for me, everything drops away except for the couple.  I want to know them.  I can’t do that, but I want to watch them.  To understand them in some small way.  So, I keep them in my vision.  Luckily, this time I have my camera at the ready!  Too often I don’t!


And then, as if they knew what I wanted them to do, they stopped.  They had some sort of a heart-to-heart talk.  It looks like he is trying to explain something, for look at how his hand is held in that universal gesture of “you see what I mean?” or “what I mean is this”.  Who knows, maybe he was just talking about what he had for breakfast.  But, I doubt it.


I was thrilled.  This gave me the chance to look them over more carefully to see  what clues I could find about their lives and drama.  He is Sikh, which is obvious by his headwear.  I believe they were recently married for she is wearing henna tattoos on her hands.  I believe he is laying something out for her to examine.  Had they had a misunderstanding?  They were certainly engaged in a deep conversation.

What is her look saying to him?  To me, it says, “you better watch yourself, new husband of mine, for I have all the options in the world and if you don’t behave properly in our new marriage, you’re gonna be sorry.”  I project.




I had taken too much of a chance to get any closer or photograph them as they stood talking.  A stalker has to be careful to not overstep. They seemed to know that and turned and walked off toward the monument we were all there to admire.

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