Is Italian really the world’s sexiest accent? uh……yeah, it really is! Vero!

Marcello, Marcello, dimmi en italiano, per favore!


Italian: The World’s Sexiest Accent?
Silvia Donati | Monday, September 29, 2014 – 11:42
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Italian is the world’s sexiest accent, according to a poll conducted by CNN.
There are an estimated 7,000 languages on earth; CNN came up with 13 which “sound sexiest to native-English speakers” by using, admittedly, an unscientific method: asking around the office. They then compiled a list where Italian ranked first, before French and Spanish, second and third respectively.
This is why Italian is the sexiest, as described by CNN:
“Raw, unfiltered, the Italian accent is a vowelgasm that reflects the spectrum of Italic experience: the fire of its bellicose beginnings … the romance of the Renaissance … the dysfunction of anything resembling a government since Caesar.
Insatiable, predatory and possessive, this is sex as a second language.
Sounds like: A Ferrari saxophone.”

Va bene, let’s have one more look at Marcello:


Ah, Marcello, Marcello…ti amo per sempre!

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